Mini Lin Speedy or Azur Speedy? HELP!

  1. I just LOOOVE SPEEDIES!! I have the damier speedy 30 in Ebony and would like to get another speedy soon! Im thinking of the Mini Lin in Ebony OR the Damier 30 in Azur. Worried of the maintenance of the fabric on the Mini Lin and also worried of the light colored handles and color transfer on the Azur!! Love them both though. I need help please? :sad:
  2. i live in the tropics and have only two seasons - wet and dry. plus the humidity in my country is BAD!
  3. Hmm...I like the Mini Lin because you said you live in the tropics.

    Also...I really wanted a speedy in the azur as well, but seeing it with patina-ed vachetta I'm starting to rethink it a little...I'm not sure if the patina really suits the azur.

    Then again, I say you should get whichever one you want most! lol I'm really no help, am I?

    Good Luck! Be sure to keep us updated! ;)
  4. i have the mini lin in ebony, i have had it for about two months now using it everyday and it still looks like new. i say go for the mini lin.:tup:
  5.'re probably right. patina'd vachetta on the azur would probably look bad. hmmmm. *thinking*

    thanks! i have a lot more to think about now lol
  6. the damier ebony is just wonderful. the mini lin would be great too. and the azur too. hmmmm :wlae:
    omg who would have thought picking a bag would be this difficult lol
  7. or maybe the monogram batignolles horizontal? hmmmm
  8. Get the Mini Lin Speedy. I also agree, i'm not too sure is azur looks best with a dark patina. The speedy looks good in mini lin. I don't see it that much either which is a plus.
  9. mini lin ebene
  10. i would love a speedy in azur.... i'd personally get that one.. but since you live in the tropics and u don't like patina, then maybe you should get the mini lin as it doesn't have any vachetta.
  11. mini lin =)
  12. I would say the Mini Lin because of where you live ...
  13. due to your living conditions, I voted for Mini Lin, although the Azur is my favorite.
  14. I had the same decision to make last year, and I ultimately went with the azur. I think it's just a really nice, sunny outside bag. :yes:
  15. I agree!