Mini Lin Speedy or Azur Speedy 30???


Azur or Mini Lin

  1. Azur Speedy 30

  2. Mini Lin Speedy 30

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  1. Would you prefer the Mini Lin Speedy or the Azur Speedy 30?
  2. I vote for the Mini Lin Speedy, because I want that bag.
  3. azur... i don't really care much for the mini lin.
  4. i like minilin.
    Azur too white to caring
  5. mini lin speedy 30
  6. i voted azur all way long!! i have an azur pochette and i am madly in love with this line!! :heart:
  7. Azur...
  8. Azur Speedy 30 !!!:yes:
  9. Azur Speedy 30 for me..totally adore Azur :love:
  10. azur!
  11. azur! azur! azur!
  12. Mini lini but thats because i have it. I think i would be scared to use the azur..
  13. Mini Lin cos the handles will not turn honey brown! Azur is light coloured..though it is pretty..hard to maintain..
  14. Azur! I'm really disappointed from the Mini Lin, Mini Mono was so much prettier...
  15. Azur, just because I just bought one....