Mini Lin Speedy [or anything!]

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  1. I've always thought of the mini lin line as genious! A great play on monogram, and I would think everybody would be carying the mini lin speedy apposed to the regular mono speedy 30. Just because its different, and I think more classy. [getting mine for christmas yay!:wlae:]

    But I was in the galleria today, and I'm always looking at other peoples bags, its a habit. But I never once saw anything mini lin! You would think it would be very popular because the speedy isnt much more than the regular mono. I just found it odd that people prefer the regular mono. Maybe its just my opinion that the mini lin is marvelous, haha. What do you guys think of it? And why do you think hardley anybody buys it :crybaby:
  2. i love mini lin too. i plan on getting a dune speedy for christmas. but i think people get scared of its durability because its cloth.
  3. The mini lin is a gorgeous design, but I guess nothing beats mono canvas in terms of being dirt resistant and durability.
  4. ive got both, i love both equally. the only thing with mini lin is the sag. and another plus is when its raining, water just rolls off the bag.
  5. Have you seen the new croisette speedy? :tup:
  6. lol I like mini lin too but I do like the monogram with the vachetta handles a bit more. You have the monogram speedy in your profile pic and damier in your signature! You must like those too!
  7. I love the Mini Lin!!!! If you do not like the sag. Here is a little secret I learned here. Take a empty DVD case and open it up and it fits perfect on the bottom of a Speedy 30. NO SAG!!!!

  8. I love the Mini Lin speedy! Anything in that material really. I've been lusting after the bucket since I'm trying to steer towards more shoulder bags. I find them breathtaking.
  9. i use a magazine or a soft notebook on the bottom of mine so its not so "structured" but does not give it that major sag
  10. I love my mini lin ebene! It has become my "go to" bag because it is so lightweight and looks good with everything. I agree with other posts in this thread - people shy away from this bag because of the fabric. I also find that the SAs discourage people (including me) from buying it, saying that it is delicate. I actually went to LV to purchase the neverfull and bought this one instead. And while I was there, another woman also bought the mini lin ebene! I have been wearing mine everyday for two months and it still looks new. (I use the purseket which really helps!) I bought the mini lin because I love the speedy style but didn't want monogram canvas - EVERYONE has one where I live, and I'm not a fan of damier - (I can't see myself wearing a checkerboard pattern!) I haven't seen alot of people with it either. Kind of makes it that much more special;)
  11. I love Mini Lin Speedy and wanted one myself but for now, I'm still afraid of the fabric. Maybe in the future! But I do see it all the time walking around NYC.
  12. I have the mini lin speedy in ebene and I've been carrying it every day since I got it more than a month ago. Maybe more people get the regular speedy mono is because it's considered a "classic" and maybe because people prefer the canvas over the fabric of the mini lin. I have both bags and I love them both but I am preferring the mini lin over regular mono because it seems more classy and I love the colours.
  13. I love Mini Lin and absolutly it looks classy more than regular monogram canvas one.
  14. I love my Mini Lin.. its been the longest bag I been lusting for 1 yr!!! And I treasure her so much as well.. fav all time LV bag..
  15. I have the mini lin Noe and absolutely love it. I think what one of the pp mentioned about sa's trying to discourage it a bit is right on. When I purchased mine, the sa told me not to use it everyday. He said it would pill more -- nothing could be further from the truth. I don't think LV did a good job on educating the sa's on the mini lin. I also love how well it hold up in the rain -- it's perfect for rainy days! It's so water resistant. Just love it -- and I have at times contemplated getting a mini lin speedy as well!