Mini Lin Speedy on Eluxury..see it, now you don't!!

  1. I ended up getting this but funny story..I think I have been on the Eluxury website trying to make up my mind for two days and I noticed the Mini Lin Speedy wasn't always available. I would put my laptop down for awhile come back and was gone, like a couple of minutes later it's back. Weird..I added one to my basket when I saw it again then went back and it was gone again!! I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me!! Is it really popular or something?? God I love this line..
  2. Congrats!!
  3. Grab it while you can ppl put things in their cart and never purchase. You contact elux using the chat or just call.
  4. ^Items stay in your cart THAT long, it never works for me???
  5. I think after 24 hours the cart dumps and resets itself.. at least for most items.