mini lin speedy...need ur help!

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  1. Ok,so I told my dad and my bro that we should buy mom the mini lin speedy 4 christmas so we can surprise her(I know she really likes it)so my fam said sure get it... Now my quest is what are the pros and cons of it? My mom dosent change her bags as often as me...wat u think? Need ur opinions
  2. I am personally not a big fan of min lin. It's fabric and when cousin was wearing it everyone was criticising her bag saying she was nuts to spend over $1000 instead of monogram or damier & thought it was a bad fake. after that she was so embarrased to carry her bag.

    I would say if go with a classic go monogram and damier. Damier is fantastic in that there is no patina. Monograms well its just a classic I luv patina on the exposed handles and give its a much more rich golden look. :smile:

    I would say as a safe present go for monogram. But there is a 30 days exchange policy so if she doesnt like u guys can go back and see which one she prefers.
  3. I say buy what you like, who cares what others have to say. if they are calling it fake they dont know their designer bags well.

    I like the mini lin speedy, its no so structured and more floppy then the epi/damier/and mono. Plus not everyone is carrying one :smile:
    Its almost a black color so it will go with everything.

    I say get it and enjoy it!
  4. The other speedys are out of the question bc I have the mono and damier and gettin the azur 4 christmas... We share...I know she loves the look of the mini lin...just curious about the durability??
  5. Well u need to ask durabily with other members. I don't have one personally.

    Dear go to the LV store and see for yourself. I thought the demin speedy was well structures but in person the demin is very soft.

    I'm not sure if it's like the mini monograms where the fabric has a layer applied to allow dirt to b washed easily. Better check

  6. i just got a mini lin speedy for my aunt and she ADORES it. when my mom found out, she wanted to return her mono 35 for it.
  7. Your mom is a very lucky woman to have such a tasteful family. I love the mini lin and think its a great idea. Durability stand point unfortunately I don't have one so I can't say.
  8. it's roomy it's great..ur mom will love it,

    the only con is that it's not a really structured bag but the rest is all good :smile:
  9. I love the mini lin. People have said in other threads about this (do a search) that it is durable.
  10. I LOVE it so much!!! :love:

    Whoever said a mini lin looked like a bad fake probably thought someone was trying to copy the mono canvas and missed big time!!! :wtf: They obviously don't know LV well enough to make such an observation anyway!!! :wlae:

  11. fo real! i'm about to start a thread called 'why do ppl hate mini lin?'
    i personally love it cux it's so not common. and i like how in a diff lighting the words lv kinda shimmer. i'm only 19 and i have no idea why ppl call this a grandma bag, it looks nothing like a grandma bag to me.
  12. I have mini lin and I love the fabric, it is a beautiful fabric if you look at it. It seems durable to me and has yet to pill although I throw it around. Water slides right off, plus it's such a dark color, I'm sure dirt spots won't show much. Even so, dirt probably rubs off easily just like the mini monogram. I think speedy looks fantastic in mini lin.
  13. I have a mini lin. Not only to I love it but I prefer it to all the others. It's sophiscated while being casual. I take it everywhere. It goes with jeans && a nice black dress. I but a magazine in the bottom of mine to keep it from sagging...but ALL speedy's sag. I love it @@ have pleanty pictures if u would like to see.

    I think it would be FREAT as a gift.
  14. I love my mini lin speedy. I've been carrying mini more than any other speedies. It's very pretty and uncommon. It's very durable piece, well put it this way, it's much more durable than vernis.
    I think your mom would love it..
  15. I'm still trying to convince myself of the Mini Lin's durability... LOL

    It'd be a great gift but I'd think that the mono would be a better choice.