Mini Lin, please

  1. I tried to stay away from LV for a while because I was getting out of control and now I see that there's a speedy in Mini Lin! It is SOOOO cute!

    Does anyone know if it is available in stores or do you have to get onto a waiting list for one? Does it sag more than mono and damier speedies? Please, post any info! I appreciate your help very much!!!!
  2. I recently saw it at Neimans in San Francisco (I was planning on buying one), I was expecting a waiting list but NO! :shocked:....she went in back and got me one. I loved the pattern and colors, but didn't care for the material it was made from (fabric) it seems like it would sag as much if not more than the canvas. Plus, I'm kinda of clutsy so, I figured at least the canvas I can wipe off but, fabric?! So, I didn't get it.:shrugs:...wasn't my cup of tea.
  3. I'm waiting for mine from eLux. Not sure if I will keep it cause of the fabric. Have it see it in person.
  4. It'll actually sag more than the regular canvas ones since it's material. I don't think you're going to avoid sag due to the general shape of Speedys in general.
    It's a cute bag and I'd consider it if I hadn't just gotten the Damier..but I want the Miroir when it comes out. I think the only thing I'll be getting in Mini Lin is the billfold styled wallet. I saw it the other day in the store and was impressed with the number of credit card slots.