Mini lin speedy in the spring???

  1. Ok so now I am thinking of getting the mini lin speedy - it's a reasonable price, I love the canvas, really love the no vachetta thing and I just love the look of the bag. you guys consider this a fall/ winter bag only because it's dark?
  2. Not at all. I guess it mostly depends on the colors you wear in the spring/summer. I still wear dark in the summer for work and such so would have no problem with it!
  3. No i think its a bag you can use all year.
  4. No. Sometimes when you look at it, it reminds me of dark denim. That's generally what I wear with it.
  5. You can wear it all year round, but I think the denim baggy PM you want is a great spring/summer option for you too!
  6. what about the new dune color???
  7. As much as I love the mini lin. If it's between this or the Baggy PM (and I have both), I would choose the Baggy for spring! I think you could use the mini lin for Spring but it's very dark. If you wear alot of bright colors I would recommend a diferent bag.
  8. IMO mini lin is good for all year round....
    may be one fact i will consider is, i'm a kinda wetty gal, when summer comes, i will afraid will the bag have my wetty smells....+_+
  9. I think mini lin is good year-round!!! :love:
  10. Thanks for your replies gals. I still want the baggy pm....just want the mini lin too! I spend waaaay too much time here!
  11. Get it! I mean, get both!! All LV bags are year round!! (We pay enough for them!!)
  12. I think it is the most beautiful speedy bag becuase I bought it (LOL).
    I think you can carry it all year round. It's classic.

    I have been thinking of buying a speedy bag style for 5 years (quite a long time).

    I visited the boutique many times and found that no any speedy catch my eyes until I saw Mini Lin.

    For me, it is nicer than LV monogram canvas but the material may not resistant as LV monogram Canvas.
  13. I don't know if you have seen it IRL but it's not as bold as the website shows..I just got this and the zippy to match, I plan on using it for a couple of years..I have twin babies and I need a lot of room for cheerios, toys etc. It's beautiful, you should get it before the price increase and I guess Elux has free shipping right now..I have seen a couple of post from you in previous threads saying you might want it, I :heart: it..