Mini Lin Speedy Help Pls

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  1. ok i am not sure if this was asked but how is this bag is it worth buying i like it in dune any advice??
    thanks for everyone's help:yes:
  2. do a search this topic has been brought up many times before.
    In fact just the other day!
  3. A friend of mine has it and it has gotten dirty. Her SA said that there is really not much that she can do to clean it. I would recommend the Damier Azur Speedy. I think it may be easier to clean bc it is canvas. Good luck tho!
  4. yea i kno def i want the damier azur i was just wondering about this one if this is worth the buy
  5. Why do you want two white bags? Just curious :smile:
  6. lol i like the damier in azur and the mini lin in dune i dnt like them in the darker color but thats just me and i mostly go for dark colors so its def differnt for me to go for the lighter colors
  7. Not worth it!
    The lock will stain your bag, especially if it in the dune. The stain is already obvious on the ebene. Besides, you're gonna have to take extra care or it'll soon end up looking miserable.
  8. I love mine i have it in EBENE and its a great bag. If you dont mind the sagging to much than go for it. But it does sag a little too much. But its a beautiful bag.
  9. I have the dune and ebene and I love them both.
  10. I know you've had yours for quite some time . How have they turned out? Any stains? Easy to wash off and remove? How about the white one any yellow spots.
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