Mini-Lin Speedy from elux Arrived Today


***Speedy Freak***
Feb 12, 2007
I am very happy to have received my mini lin speedy from eLux as it is no longer on their website. I live in NY and the tax savings is so worth it.

However, it arrived with no plastic on the handles and a lock and keys already attached to the zipper leaf. I then thoroughly checked the outside material and it seems good- no snags or pulls.

I then pulled the cardboard insert out of the body of the bag, checked the inside and found ANOTHER lock and key. This one was brand new in the box! The paperwork for the purse was also inside.

I would assume this was a return? Sorry to see elux go ;)
Nov 26, 2007
Its hard to say. I've ordered several bags of elux and sometimes they come with the straps wrapped in plastic and sometimes they don't. As for the lock and key, my friend bought me a speedy while on vacation in London. The SA attached the lock and key to the speedy and wrapped it up for her that way. She also bought a Monty PM and the SA did the same thing with the lock and key. At the end of the day, as long as the bag is perfect and you are happy, that is all that matters!

yes, it is sad that elux is closing. Will miss out on the tax savings.

Enjoy your new bag!