Mini Lin Speedy Ebene vs. Croisette Blue?


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Jul 31, 2008
I'm planning to get a speedy for my birthday and settled my mind on these two beauties! I know mini lins require more maintenance than mono/damier canvas but they are just too cute and unique:yes: (Besides I'll be getting the canvas ones later in the future so right now I want to concentrate on deciding on one of the two mini lins..)

I like how Ebene is elegant and how Croisette is bright and refreshing.. but I only see the Croisettes on eBay.. Do you think there is a chance that some of the Croisettes are still out there in some boutiques or are they COMPLETELY sold out? I'm thinking that since Ebene is permanent, maybe I should get the Croisette first even if it is not brand new?:confused1: (According to the seller she used it only a couple of times and it looks almost new too..) But then again, a brand new Mini Lin Ebene is also tempting:P

Hmm.. any thoughts? TIA!
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Aug 15, 2006
I would try for the croisette, since it is LE. I think another pf member just got a new one from the store. One was sent back to her store- Call 866-vuitton just in case there might be another floating around. Good Luck