mini lin speedy ebene question! thanks !!

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  1. do you think that the white stitching on the dark brown handles of the mini lin speedy ebene color will dirty after a while?? im afraid to hold it with my handles b/c of that worry. am i being too anal??
  2. I have the ebene. I bought it in the fall and never used it until about a month ago. I've been using it exclusively for about a month now and the white is still white. Then again, I haven't paid much attention to it and I usually carry it over my arm as opposed to by the handles.
  3. I have my ebene for almost a year now and use it quite often. I haven't noticed any color change and trust me, I'm really particular about my bags. I suggest enjoying every bit of it. It's such a great bag!
  4. Hello! I have the ebene and while I try to keep my bags in good condition, I have beat this bag around alittle. I haven't noticed any color change. It is a fabulous bag!! Don't not get it on account of the white stitching!
    Good Luck :smile:
  5. thank you for your input!!! i actually have the bag, but tend to worry about holding it with my hands but i guess it's not too big of an issue :smile: thanks!!
  6. I've had mine for over a year and it's one of my favorite low-maintenance bags! No color change whatsoever, and although I am very careful with my bags, I am much more "relaxed" when I carry this one!!! :tup:
  7. Mine still looks great. This is one of my favorite purses. Such low maintenance.

  8. I don't think that there will be any color change. If you are worried about it, I know there is people tha only carry their bags on their arms, or with a cloth over the handle so that it doesn't collect dirt or sweat!:shrugs: