Mini Lin Speedy Discontinued?

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  1. Hi all fellow LV lovers

    I just saw the new Mini Lin Croisette and it is beautiful. I was comparing prices on between the original Mini Lin line with the Cruise Mini Lin line. However I noticed that the original Mini Lin Speedy (in Dune or Ebony) aren't there anymore. What's the deal? :wtf:
  2. I dont think they're discontinued.
  3. If you go onto they aren't about I don't think. Anyway, I am thinking of getting the Rond change purse in blue. What do you guys think? I have not had any Mini Lin before so don't really know about the maintenance of it. Is it quite hard wearing? Color migration? Water proof? Thanks!
  4. lin is FABRIC = uncoated canvas so it's not going to be waterproof! It will probably get dirty easily if you aren't careful but it IS gorgeous :smile: i don't know about the colour migration but i doubt this since it's fabric/uncoated canvas.. this will probably be prone to snags/pills if you're not careful as some of my noncoated canvas items from Gucci has started to pill

  5. Mini lin is a permanent line as far as I know. I just checked on the website and it's still there (UK)

    EDIT: Omg you're right!!! The speedy isn't there! I wonder what happened.
  6. Don't know why it's not there. It's permanent.
  7. Yeah this is strange! I wonder what happened too. Really curious!
  8. I would think its just temp sold out there was 2 other people buying them last week when I got mine
  9. It does not get dirty easily and IS treated, water slides right off of it. And IT DOES NOT pill, their are natural pills when you purchase it because of the linen/cotton combo but doesn't continue to pill..
  10. I hope as inch37 said it's only temporarily unavailable. It'd be ashame if i's discontinued. Such a classy bag.
  11. It absolutely IS TREATED!!!!!!!!!! The water will roll right off of it (I saw it done in the store)!
  12. It may just be out of stock.
  13. If it's out of stock they should still have information on the bag but not let you add it to your shopping cart.
  14. LOL I take mine out in the rain all the time cause I never remember to bring an umbrella.
    So yes, the water does roll right off!
  15. It's not there anymore even on the french site :wtf: the mini lin speedy is on my wishlist... darn