Mini Lin Speedy Details

  1. I'm looking at purchasing the Mini Lin Speedy 30, and wanted to know what the inside looks like. Is there a cell phone pocket and/or a zip pocket? Also, what color is the fabric inside the bag? Unfortunately, eLux doesn't show pictures of this bag's interior. For those that have the bag, do you worry about stains since the exterior is a cloth fabric?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I have the Mini Lin Speedy in Ebene. There is no cell phone pocket, only an open pocket on the side. The fabric on the inside is brown.
    I don't worry about stains, because the color is dark and the fabric is treated. But I think you would have to be very careful with the Dune color.
  3. i've had mine since mid december (ebene color) and There are absolutely NO stains on the inside or the outside...

    if u want more pockets, you can always get a purseket (sp?)...I think many people here have them for their speedys.
  4. is it true that mini lin speedy30 is stain free?
  5. can't really see the inside...but for your ref only!
  6. All speedies are the same inside regardless of the material ( expect the epi)
    they only have a patch pocket on the inside. and a d ring

    the Epi speedy had 2 side pockets :smile:

  7. The Mini Lin sags a little more then the Mono. I just put a magazine on the bottom so I don't get Sag.