Mini lin Speedy comes with lock?

  1. I just bought this bag last week but it didn't come with the lock. Just wondering if I am missing something.
  2. Yes, you are missing your lock! :wtf:
  3. Where did u buy it from?
  4. check your box, sometimes they just throw it in there.....
  5. I bought at at Holt Renfrew. It doesn't even come with bag only dustbag. I was in a hurry :sad:

    If i go back to ask them, will they it was with it and that I am asking for another lock?
  6. That makes me nervous. I get mine Wednesday...
  7. I hope you will get the lock, it comes with the lock
  8. Should always come with dust cover and the store.
  9. I went back to the store and I was told mini lin doesn't come with lock. Can anyone confirm please. I feel so confused.
  10. Yes, it should have the lock. If you can't get it resolved with the store, e-mail LV through their website and they should be able to get one for you. :yes:
  11. i think elux said it comes w/ a lock, maybe print out the page and go to the store ans ask
  12. OMG I just assumed it came with a lock...or at least I think it should ;)
  13. My mini lin speedy came with a lock.
  14. It should come with one.
  15. I just emailed LV so hopefully I will hear back from them. Can anyone post the link of the website which says it included the lock? I looked on eluxury and the pictures for mini lin speedy doesn't show lock. However, the pictures for monogram and damier speedy are showing with locks.
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