mini lin speedy 30

  1. i'm planning to buy a speedy 30 mini lin in it okay for everyday use? is it too sensitive to dirt, etc? or is ebene better? help people! thanks!
  2. i prefer the ebene myself...just mo.
  3. prefer ebene. had my for a year and it is still pretty good. use it quite often...;) good luck on your choice
  4. i love the mini lin croisette in blue.. this is another option though
  5. I prefer and have it in ebene, but i'm also getting it in dune for spring/summer.
  6. love the ebene- use it all the time
  7. I want a Mini Lin speedy in Dune and was wondering the same thing...
  8. I prefer the ebene too ... and for lighter color mini lin, I'm thinking the blue croisette for my next purchase.
  9. I have a Mini Lin Ebene and I love it! It is holding up really well to regular use and is beautiful. I love that there is no vachetta and you still get the LV logo. I would be nervous though if I had the Dune with such a light color, and with a fabric that you can't exactly just "wipe" like you can canvas. Just my personal opinion though, because the Dune is a gorgeous bag!
  10. I was thinking of getting a mini lin speedy myself. I've never seen one IRL. Are they very saggy?
  11. I have both ... if you're worried about dirt, definitely get the ebene. I've noticed my dune is a little dirty.
  12. Ebene is less maintenance IMO. I have it and I love it.
  13. I have both and I LOVE both. I rotate my bags daily so my Dune still looks as good today as the day I bought it. I am not sure how the Dune would do for an everyday bag. I can say the Ebene would make a great everyday bag.

  14. Yes, they are the most saggy of all the Speedy's. I have 2 Mini Lin Speedy's and I hate sag. So here is a trick I learned here. Take an empty DVD case and open it up and place it on the bottom and it fits perfect. ZERO sag!!!
  15. Ebene makes a great everyday bag. I use it almost daily and it's perfect. I do like the Dune, but I wouldn't use it everyday because I would be afraid of dirty showing up easily. But go with whichever you like best!