mini lin speedy 30

  1. hi everyone! i recently baught a mini lin speedy 30 in dune color and am now contemplating if i should exchange it for the ebene. im just concerned that since its linen it will easily get dirty and ill be too paranoid to use it. i was wondering if anyone owns one and if they could tell me the durability of the bag or if it is even worth the money i paid for. thank you in advance!:smile:
  2. I have both colors. So far they both look exactly the same as the day as I bought them. I do not use either as everyday bags. I try to rotate all my bags at least every other day. I had 2 little dirt marks on the bottom of my Dune and I used a babywipe and the spots came right off.

  3. as far as color transfer from your clothing. have you had any problems with this? and have you used your bag wearing your jeans and a dark colored shirt?

    thank you!
  4. No problems with color transfer. I normally do not wear dark colored jeans. The other day I was using my dune speedy and without thinking I was also wearing a VERY dark pair of BRAND new jeans. I was VERY careful.