MINI LIN SPEEDY 30 OWNERS - can you post a pic so I can see how 'saggy' it is?


Dec 15, 2006
I really really really REALLY want the Mini Lin Speedy 30, but I have a REALLY big thing against saggy bags and unstructured bags in general. I like my bags structured and shaped like a dog kennel lol, like how it looks like on eluxury :smile:

Please post pics of your Speedy 30 with a 'normal' load inside the bag to either kill or reinforce my lemming. Thanks so much!
Yeah, that's what I thought....I really don't want the Monogram Canvas one though, and I'm on a waiting list for the Damier Azur :sad: I want to get a new LV bag before the price increase...
The size 30 seems to sag in mono too so I don´t think Mini Lin is any different.

I think what they were trying to convey is that the Mini Lin should sag MORE than the regular Damier or Mono Canvas Speedy's, given that linen is softer than canvas.

Someone please prove me wrong!!! I really want the Mini Lin :sad:
^^ I saw a woman with a mini lin speedy at the mall tonight and it is quite saggy; however, it still looked beautiful. IMO, the sag looks better in the mini lin than the canvas because of the linen....
I'm also wrestling with this decision as well.....What about the magazine on the bottom technique that alot of us use for the mono/damier speedies???

I do this with my regular canvas bags....Do you think this would solve the problem w/ the Mini Lin??

Can someone please post pics (if possible) w/ a mag on the bottom and everything else you normally put inside. (I usually put my US Magazine on the bottom of my mono and damier bags...) it helps...they're still somewhat saggy but I can live with 'em like that...So if the mag were to do the same with the Mini Lin then.....Hmmm.....

TIA!!! :yes:
I have tshirt in my mini lin bag (visual thread)..It's saggier than any other speedies without it..will try to take pic tomorrow will add to visual.

I believe magazines or purseket will get a rid of sag.



I love the sag!!!:love: