Mini Lin Speedy 30 or Saleya PM Azur??

  1. My mum recently bot me a Saleya PM Azur..but I'm in a dilemna, should i exchange it with a mini Lin speedy 30 (i alrdy have Speedy damier 25 though) ..Plssss..give me some advice here coz I'm actually dying to use my new Saleya but yet am afraid that if I started using I won't be able to xchange.. :shrugs:

    ps: like the Saleya Azur but if the cowhide turns patina, will it be ugly??! :confused1:
  2. The azur actually looks nice with patina. I like the saleya pm more than the mini lin. I'd say keep it
  3. NOOOO keep the Azur !!!!!!!!!! From what others have said it looks amazing with the patina !!!!
  4. The Saleya for sure..don't get rid of it!
  5. I vote for the Saleya. You already have a speedy, and the Azur is beautiful!! :yes:
  6. Den shld i also get the Mini Lin ?!:confused1: heee.. coz i also like it ... Coz my galfren was telling me if the handles changes color it wont look as nice.. and the lining inside is also beige in color?! how, soooo confused..... :blink:
  7. I vote for the azur!
  8. oh no!! hard choise b/c I like both!! sorry I'm no help! I'd keep the Saleya and buy the Mini Lin too!
  9. Yeah! Ur rite, dats y I'm so confused. Hahah.. <Thumbs up> Ne
    xt purchase will definitely be a Mini Lin... :yes:
  10. I would keep the saleya, definitely!
  11. another vote for the saleya pm :yahoo:
  12. I vote for Saleya PM since you already have a speedy
  13. DA Saleya PM!!! It's cute.
  14. Saleya's real cute!!
  15. Saleya PM! Too adorable for words! Of course you could get the Mini Lin later on!