Mini Lin Saumur

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  1. Does anyone own the Mini Lin Saumur? Do you like it? PLEASE post pics of the bag and modeling!!! I'm thinking about getting one!:yes:
  2. I love the style except for the buckles. I need easier access into my bags. I hope you get it :yes:
  3. SA in the boutique suggests that you leave the bag against your body be worn unlatch for easy access items frequently used. This way you can wear the front bag latch.

  4. Thanks so much! I wouldn't have thought of that! haha
  5. i love this bag! it looks great!
    i hope you get it!
  6. i love this bag. it was top on my list for a long time. the fact that it's all not one piece ended up annoying me a little but i still think it's gorgeous and very versatile- i love that it can be a messenger bag or doubled up for a shoulder bag. and mini lin is just fabulous!
  7. Here's a picture of me wearing a friend's Mini Lin Saumur.
  8. Great Saumur, I always wanted one, but there's so much things I want, it's driving me crazy!
  9. That's a hot bag- I want the XL :love:
  10. Thanks, Christie! Next time you have to model your bag in pics. I still love this bag. Decisions Decisions
  11. I think I am going to get this one..I love it!!
  12. That looks great on you, Christie! ;)
  13. I thought it's a big bag...
  14. XL is huge!!!
  15. Love the bag!