Mini Lin Saumur: Size, shape, ease?

  1. Hi Ladies! ;) How's the size, shape, ease of entry and closure with the Mini Lin (or Mono) Saumur? I need a cross shoulder bag for hands free travel. I'm wondering if there are any "but..."s involved with this purse after your using it for awhile. Any other suggestions for hands free travel? Thanks for your expertise. :yes:
  2. i tried this on the last time i was in Manhattan back in February, and i really liked it, although i didn't get it because i didn't really need it. i love that it opens on both sides of the bag, and yes, it would be a good travel bag because it's handsfree, and it would be low-maintenance too
  3. I think this is a great travel hands-free bag, along with the Saumur or Sac Bosphore if you're looking for something smaller.
  4. do you think the fact that it opens on two sides is a problem? i don't like fussy bags...
  5. IMHO: No, not at all! It just sounds more convenient to me. :tup:
  6. i like this bag too. However, it looks a lil bulky that's why I haven't bought it.
  7. It is a cute bag.
  8. Is it heavy? How do you know what side to go into? Is it a clasp closing, a buckle, or a magnet?
  9. I love the look of the saumur. I read someone's post that has one mentioned they did not like that it opened on both sides. They never knew which side their stuff was on. Half the time they would open the wrong side.

  10. I am pretty sure it is a buckle
  11. Yes, I read that too, and it concerns me. I love the way the bag looks... though. Very classy, and strong -- like you could slip a sweater to hang on it... I love hands free when I'm traveling in Europe.
  12. I tried mini lin saumer on a few times and really loved how it looked. However, I didn't like how it opened on both sides and the buckle opennings were not my favorite. I have been looking for a LV messenger for a while and did finally purchased a damier olav pm to share with dh. :smile:
  13. hey, you just look all my lines, LOL :graucho:

    I tried saumur on a few times as well and didn't buy it with the same reasons above, mostly because of the buckle opennings. I just ended up with a damier olav pm too ;)
  14. LOL. I like damier olav pm a lot. It looks very classic and its size is perfect for everyday casual use. Don't you think? :graucho:
  15. Definitely, it is one of the most practical bags I ever have :tup: