MINI LIN rose/pink

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  1. is there a MINI LIN speedy in pink/rose? pls post photos if u have one..TIA!
  2. As far as I doesn't exist. You may be thinking of the new pink Mini Lin diaper bag or the pink Trapeze PM/GM?
  3. i think she's talking about the diaper bag...that was exactly what i thought when i first saw the diaper bag...*eyes quickly scanned for pink speedy*
  4. ooooooooooo!! pink speedy! how fast would those fly off the shelves?
  5. :sad: nope, only in the Diaper Bag
  6. Only diaper bag.
  7. It's the last Mini Lin bag on also comes in ebene and blue.
  8. I agree the pink speedy would be popular if only LV had them.
  9. Nope~! pink Mini was like couple of season ago~ If u want one ...maybe try eBay!
  10. As others have stated, one doesn't exist. Have you tried looking into the Rose Trapese? It has the Mini Lin canvas.

  11. Seriously! It would fly so fast off the shelves you can hear them whiz by! Hahaha. It's so funny because when the Trapeze launched my SA called me right away and I can still remember her saying, "Michelle, I have a PINK bag on hold for you". I love pink. :love:
  12. Only diaper bag.
  13. I thought of the trapeze too!
  14. well...technically...there is a pink speedy...the neo!
  15. there are also the sneakers