Mini Lin Rips?

  1. Okay so I have been internally debating on the Mini Lin and the Damier 30 recently. I decided the Mini Lin and told my friend. She said not to get it because her boss had one that RIPPED!!!!! Not only that but after she exchanged it for another. The 2nd one ALSO ripped. She eventually got a credit for the bag instead of getting another. Now I'm not sure as to where the rip was. I'll have to ask if she knows.

    I did a search in the forum and noticed that people had concerns for it but not that it ACTUALLY happened! Has this happened to any of you????

    Since I didn't see any in tPF posting that problem I was thinking maybe since we're in NYC, she puts alot of things in her bag and that is why? But I am also in NYC and carry ALOT in my bags...and would risk the same problems? What do you guys think?
  2. hmmm...i've heard a lot of people express concern that the fabric was too delicate, but never that it actually ripped! that's so strange! i have a mini lin speedy and i tend to carry a lot in it, but I don't fill it to the brim, and i've never had a problem...
  3. I don't have a mini lin but I know tpfers have shared that they fabric does pile abit but not too much. I haven't heard about rips either. I think the mini lin speedy is gorgeous and I would get one if I had the cash right now.
  4. ^I've had it for about 5 months now, and I haven't noticed any pilling. And honestly, I thought it would be much more delicate than it is. It can take a beating!
  5. Ripped eeekkkk!

    I'd get the damier anyway because I don't like how much the mini lin sags when you have lots in it
  6. That's really good to hear! I really want one and I use my bags a lot so I would be afraid of the bag being delicate. Now I want one even more!
  7. No problems at all, I have been using mine for the about the last month none stop. Its great, goes with everything. No problems with babying it either.

    It would be interesting to know what this person does with her bags that they're ripping?
  8. Its linen and that is what linen does, the way you get your bag is the way it stays. It wont get worst with wear!
  9. if that really happen, will effect my choice. because i am thinking to get one mini lin too
  10. I have the mini lin ebene bucket. I use it off and on and no rips. Although it is easy to maintain.
  11. I have the cles and no problems! I also saw a lady carrying the mini lin speedy and I don't think the sag was any worse than a regular canvas speedy....and maybe actually looked more 'natural' since the mini lin is a fabric!
  12. I have the mini lin speedy in dune (6 mos old). Its been in constant use until two weeks ago. ( I just bought the denim neo cabby in blue for the fall.) I have never had a problem with the linen and you dont have to worry about the vachetta. Great bag and more durable than you think!
  13. I guess Mini Lin is still an option then. YOu guys helped my fears on that
  14. Ya i use mine as an everyday bag and have no piling no rips absolutly looks the same as when I bought it. I also have a base shaper in there so it always looks perfect. I love it, especially the dark handles. Its a great bag, get it if your wanting one :tup:
  15. My mini lin speedy is my most used bag and so far it still looks good. No piling, tears or rips.