Mini Lin Questions?

  1. I am going to go get a Mini Lin speedy after work. I have the Wallet but I havent noticed to much wear on it. Does anyone know if I should put anything on the handles? Or if its going to be cleanable? Or if anyone has seen any wear on theirs? and about how much use did you get before the wear set in? Ive had my wallet since spring and havent noticed any wear on it yet. Just wondering if I should be doing anything to the speedy before I start enjoying it. :p

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. You can spay it with apple guard to protect it, but the care booklet says it is resistent to stains and to clean with a damp cloth . I have the dune and ebene and use the dune , havent seen any wear to it yet. I do not carry it every day.
  3. I got the Mini Lin Speedy in ebene in July. I really like it and I have done nothing to protect it. So far I have noticed no wear, I carry it a few times a week at least. It is quite a carefree bag IMO.
  4. I love that speedy. Congrats, i'm sure you're excited!!
  5. There's really no reason to spray the handles since the super low maintenence to begin with. Nope just buy and enjoy!
  6. Ohhh can't wait to see pics! Which colour are you getting?
  7. I do not see any signs of wear on mine. I love that there is no Vachetta to worry about.

  8. Unless you beat it to death, you should not see much wear on the bag. Just be careful not to scrape it on cement or brick, it will snag!
  9. Thanks! Now I can use it tomorow with no worries. I got the Ebene so it should be safe from pretty much everything plus it matches my mini lin wallet. Yay! my first LV bag! now theres like a million other things I want :dothewave:
  10. Yay!! Congratulations!

    And pictures, we need pictures! And please include some modeling pics, I am so wanting this bag..
  11. Congrats! I'm also thinking of getting it too. Would really love if you could post pic of you carrying dat bag.
  12. I really like the mini line line and that it is worry-free.