1. is there a mini lin speedy in pink/rose? pls post photo if have one..TIA
  2. No - LV only makes it in Dune (beige) and Ebene (Brown).
  3. Nope not for speedy. There's a pink mini lin diaper bag though.
  4. Nope, only in Ebene and Dune
  5. Haha they didn't actually MAKE one, but I've seen fakes. This is for visual aid and imaginary purposes only. LV didn't make it, but after seeing it in pink, I think they should have! lol. Also a pink saumur fake- not a good thing IMO. I am a die hard pink fan, but I probably wouldn't buy a speedy this shade even if they made it.

    I haven't seen blue versions tho, thank goodness.