mini lin *pics* only!

  1. i posted same pics in my *pics only* thred....but since it's a new line..... here u go!:flowers: :heart:
    img10613730361.jpg img10613730364.jpg img10613730365.jpg img10613730366.jpg img10613730369.jpg img10613730370.jpg img10613737180.jpg img10613737183.jpg img10613737184.jpg
  2. :yahoo: :heart:
    img10613730442.jpg img10613730445.jpg img10613730446.jpg img10613730447.jpg img10613730448.jpg img10613730451.jpg img10613730392.jpg img10613730416.jpg
  3. :smile: :heart:
    img10613730417.jpg img10613730420.jpg img10613730421.jpg img10613730424.jpg img10613730428.jpg img10613730431.jpg img10613730435.jpg img10613730438.jpg
  4. THanks for all the pics! I'm just so upset that the new billfold wallet (last 2 pix) has 6 CC-slots whereas the older ones from the other lines have only 4!!!! I'd buy the Vernis one if it had six or even better, I'd buy the Vernis FP if it had 8 like the mono one now!!! arghhhhhhh!
  5. I really like the zippy wallet! Any idea how much that one is? I was going to look on eLux but it looks like they're out of stock :sad:
  6. Thanks for posting, Sophia.
    I'd love to have the Speedy in 25 :hysteric:... none of the bags does it for me, the accessoires are cute though.
  7. I saw this line in person today, just the small accessories. I really liked it, very pretty, but I think I would only get the key cles just because I am waiting for the Damier Azur to come out and will get a French purse wallet from that line instead... :smile:
  8. Is there only a speedy 30 available? What size speedys does this line have?
  9. It comes only in the 30 for now.
  10. LOVE the zippy wallet!