Mini lin papillon

  1. i'm in search of a sure all of u know that i'm a damier fan :jammin: but i'm wanting to know whether any of you know whether the mini lin line will be released with a papillon 25?

    any help is appreciated, thanks!!! i do have a monogram papillon's waaay too small for everyday use! i have a damier speedy 25 but am hoping to add one more classic bag as an everyday bag!
  2. Don't think so, but Laurence's here:rolleyes: :P
  3. Yeah not at this time no, hey - you never know! Maybe next year :smile: I would imagine they want to see how well this collection does before they full on put a production on a Papillon, and other styles too.
  4. aww...
  5. this might be off the topic but they got papilon 26 in miroir one though..
  6. yeah i know..but too bad i don't like the miroir line..thanks though!
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