Mini Lin Owners!

  1. How do you keep your bag from being saggy i love mine but i hate to use it because its always looks saggy HELP!!!
  2. Open DVD case on the bottom works perfectly!
  3. I put a magazine at the bottom...or I stuff it with tons of stuff!
  4. Try a purseket!!
  5. i use a purseket & base shaper:smile:.
  6. Many options, For my minil in because its cloth I like the softness of a magazine...
    Click pic's to enlarge if need be.


    I cut the magazine a little smaller then the bag so that its not rubbing the inside and isnt too structured.


    Just insure the glue is dry before putting it into your bag. You dont want to make a mess of the bag.

    [​IMG] not the neatest job but hey its at the bottom of my bag and turned over :smile: plus its cheap, I read the magazine and had left over material from my stool.

    [​IMG] and it brightens my bag. It gives it support without looking structured.
  7. I take a DVD case, open it up and put it on the bottom. It fits perfect. ZERO sag.
  8. You can search on eBay something like Damier speedy 30. I saw they sell bases there.
  9. Don't buy the Damier Speedy 30 Base. I bought one for my mini lin and its too big!!! Mini lin is 3cm smaller that the Damier Speedy 30. I didn't think there was much of a difference, but you can definitely see it.

    Then I found TPF and got that great idea about magazines. Now thats what I use.
  10. I use a magazine, more specifically the LV catalog! The bag looks fab with it, no sag but also no stiffness.
    I found that I did not need a purseket so I returned mine...
    PLZ wear your bag, MINI LIN is adorable!!
  11. I use the bag shaper that I bought from eBay. It was made for Mini Lin Speedy, so it fits my bag perfectly.
    But I do like the idea of the magazine though especially with the wrapping paper. That's so cute.
  12. i bought a foam board from staples which is black and cut it to fit the bottom of my speedy 25. it is very light and you can hardly see that it is there
  13. Me too! I bought a base shaper for the Damier/Mono Speedy 30 and it's too big! I didn't know that the mini lin speedy is smaller. Now I just use a thin magazine and it works great!
  14. thanks everyone for your suggestions, i tried the magazine idea and it worked great!!!
  15. I have the mini lin Noe, not the speedy, so I'm not worried about the sagging in that one. What I'm interested in is a shaper of some sort for my neverfull. Has anyone tried these ideas on the neverfull?