Mini Lin owners .. Please come read >

  1. Anything special that needs to be done with this bag?
    Spray it, baby it?

    Can I assume that I can use this bag rain or show, snow or wind and its going to remain looking hot ?
    Can I sue it everyday and it still look great ?

    thanks, Nervous new mom :smile:
  2. I don't do anything special with mine and it looks great. It has been in the rain and wind, all it did was dry and it was fine!?! I can't tell you about snow as we don't have any though! It's more duarble than you think.

    You could probably put a fabric protector on it if you wanted!?!
  3. I don't own anything from mini lin, but i don't think it's necessary to spray protectants on it
  4. I don't do anything mine the whole week after I got it and it's still look great. The baby is sleeping in the closet now but I personally think you don't need to do anything.
  5. I've only had my ML Speedy since Xmas but it seems to be just fine. Although I haven't encountered any rain yet.

    I remember reading this thread (below) before I ordered mine from Elux and it really put my mind at ease. (as far as durability goes..)

    I was worried too before I ordered mine re: durability, sagginess, etc. I'm just glad I finally went ahead and got it!!! It's beautiful! :yes:


    EDIT: Here's what it says in the care booklet that comes w/ the Mini Lin:

    "To enjoy the beauty of your product for many years we advise that you observe the following instructions:

    - Even though the canvas is protectedby an anti-stain treatment, light colors remain sensitive to dirt.

    - You can clean the canvas by delicately wiping it with a slightly humid and soaped cloth (neutral soap) avoiding contact with the leather trimmings.

    - If the leather does get stained, delicately wipe with a dry, soft and light-colored cloth.

    - In order to protect your product when not in use, store it in the felt pouch provided.

    - Keep away from humidity and avoid exposure to any source of heat or light that could damage your product."
  6. great thanks :biggrin: I might do that.
  7. Good to know :smile: thanks
  8. thanks for that link, i'll read through it if i havent already. :smile:

  9. Welcome! :welcome:
  10. at the boutique the SA told me that they're sprayed with scotchguard and that you can spray it yourself too if you want
  11. i LOVVVVVE mini lin!
  12. i have used my mini lin bucket for alomst 4 months straight and still looks new...
  13. It's already been treated to be water resistant and the Mini Lin is very durable especially in snow, rain, ridden country. You might want to wipe it down to remove any debris and spray it with Scotchgard.
  14. you got a different dust cover for it ?

    store it in the felt pouch provided

  15. No, it's the normal LV dust cover...(that's what it says in the booklet though..)

    I switch bags so much....that my other canvas, epi bags I leave out of there dust covers. But my baggy gm is stored in its dust cover cuz of it being denim...I also plan to keep my ML in it's dust cover when I'm not using her. LOL, haven't stored her yet...I've been using "her" everyday since I gotten her. :-P