Mini Lin owners, Denim, & Mono mini owners:

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  1. How do you clean the fabric?

    would it be too risky to use detergent on it?
  2. I clean it with a wet cloth or with ox-gall soap.
  3. I don't think I would use detergent. I haven't had to clean my mini lin yet but apparently the fabric is treated. I would use baby wipes.
  4. I have denim ballet flats and the Cles and I wouldn't use detergent...I would use the gentle carpet cleaner, Folex, to clean off dirt spots. I've used that on the zipper pull areas of my Pochettes and it cleans them up well.
  5. I have not needed to clean mine yet - it is a year old now. I would try to just damp it off with a baby wipe or washcloth. Not sure I would need/want to use soap on it.
  6. where can I find ox gall soap?
  7. i use baby wipes :smile:
  8. i have actually never had a reason to clean my mini lin ebene tanger. i have used it several times on my travels and even used it while raining and the canvas still looks nice. it is quite hard-wearing. but if necessary, ya, baby wipes might do the trick. i wouldn't suggest anything harsh like detergents, it might just get worse. good luck!
  9. In Germany you can find it in every supermarket.