Mini Lin or Monogram Speedy for my mum?


So which Speedy would it be?

  1. I go for the Monogram Speedy

  2. I go for the Monogram Mini Speedy

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  1. I am thinking really cracking my brains for this question...I intend to get my mum a Speedy Monogram or Mini Lin for Christmas,but I just can't decide.She prefers bags with soft texture.So you gals out there any suggestions?

    She has a Black Epi wallet,Black Epi Noe,and a Mono wallet.I want to get her something that lasts please advise.TIA

    And please take a poll,thanks!:yahoo:
  2. Mono speedy!
  3. another vote for mono speedy :heart:
  4. I love the mono speedy, have one and LOVE it....but I am really liking the mini lin one too. I have even thought of buying it myself....hard decision.
  5. Mono Speedy! (how about the epi speedy?)
  6. i'm not crazy about the Mini Lin line, but in this case the Mini Lin Speedy would be better. the Monogram is much too common :blah:
  7. mini lin for mom.
  8. I think the mini lin is a more mature looking bag so it gets my vote. However, I love the mono too........
  9. I vote for Monogram Speedy!!
    BTW The Mini Lin Speedy is prone to pilling, 2 that I saw at my LV store had started pilling.:flowers:
  10. No no mono lin! I'm a mom - I love my monogram speedy. I can tell the real from the fakes in a heartbeat - especially when there is patina. I can't see a Mono lin lasting a long time. I would walk through a door frame - catch it on something - and it would have a pull; or I would reach across it and my tennis bracelet (which tends to catch on sweaters) would catch on it and that would be it.

    From a mom - a mono speedy!
  11. Monogram Speedy because it's a classic!
  12. Seems like I hav more people going for the Mono...I guess I will most likely get that. Will show you guys pics when I get that!
  13. mono speedy......
    classic at any age........
    and very durable too.....
  14. I've voted mono as well since you mentioned you want it to last:yes:
  15. Yeah...the tribe has spoken! Monogram Mini Lin...YOU'RE OUT!...hahaha