Mini Lin or Daimer Azur for 2nd Speedy?

  1. I have a mono Speedy 35 (which I :heart:) and would like to buy another Speedy to use as a fun bag... which do you think I should get? The Mini Lin (probably in Dune - I don't have any white bags) or a Daimer Azur? And, what size? 25? 30? I don't want another 35 (I don't carry much and have to stuff the one I have with junk to make it look full as it is). :smile: Thanks!
  2. I would get Damier Azur... personally I'm not a big fan of the Mini Lin


    You could buy a Cruise 08 Striped Mini Mono Speedy, which are very cute! :heart:
  3. i prefer the Damier in the original Ebene color, so i'd say go for the Mini Lin Speedy (which incidentally has grown on me :lol:)
  4. I'd choose the damier azur. It really is a fun bag to have and very easy to care for!
  5. damier azur 25... it's so cute :smile:
  6. Damier azur 30!!
  7. hmmm...toughie. i'd go for mini lin dune. that's on my wishlist
  8. I say what for the Cruise Mini Lin line coming out in red and blue on Nov 1st! Check those out, im dying for one:heart:
  9. I have recently become very interested in the mini lin line, but as the OP said, I would wait for the new 08 Cruise Mini Lin, because they look awesome from the pics.

  10. Oooooh! Do you have a picture? :p
  11. Damier Azur 25!
  12. I think the ebony damier is a better choice!
  13. I have a Azur 25 and I love it so I say the Azur. I like the dune mini lin as well, but like others have said you should wait to see the Cruise Speedies first.
  14. I'd go with the damier azur. I've been eyeing it for months now, i'm thinking of getting it for my birthday :smile: