Mini lin or black Epi speedy 30

  1. Ok now I'm eating my words since I told myself I would never get the mini lin. But seeing it on other women makes me want one too:graucho:. I should be on a ban now but I just sold my regular batignolles to a friend and was thinking I should replace it with another speedy. I already have the regular damier 25. I need a speedy 30 for travelling and have a choice between a mini-lin or black epi. Help me decide please :smile:
  2. I have the epi 30 and love it! I trave a lot and bought it right before I left on a 11 week business trip. It's great as it goes with EVERYTHING...and I don't worry about taking it in the rain. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it.
  3. I prefer the mini lin speedy ! :biggrin:
  4. I prefer the mini lin speedy, but maybe the epi would suit your tastes better?
  5. Is there really a difference netween the soft speedy and the regular one? There is a soft black epi speedy on elux. Is the leather really softer?
  6. I like the Mini Lin better.. but if you're gonna use it for travel, the epi might just be better since you wouldn't really have to worry about rain, etc.. (that is if you're travelling to places where it rains or is wet a lot)
  7. You could never go wrong with either but my vote goes to the Mini Lin. It's such a worry free material and just LVoely!
  8. Ditto :yes:
  9. Mini Lin! Very good to open, very soft and light!
  10. Mini lin!!
  11. I'd get the mini lin. I prefer black epi in the alma. I also thought I would never buy a mini lin item and now I'm loving the mini lin speedy in ebene! I would consider it myself but it seems too similar to my mono speedy 30, but man I love it!
  12. Epi!
  13. I vote for the Mini Lin. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mini Lin.

    No vachetta to worry about, you still get the LV logo and not everyone has one. How can you get better then that. And if you don't like the sag I took a DVD case and opened it up and laid it flat on the bottom and it fits perfect and no I have ZERO sag.

  14. My vote is for the Mini Lin (in ebene) also! Best LV everyday bag ever IMO :tup:
  15. Both classy, but I prefer the Mini Lin a little more.