mini lin noe!!

  1. i'm in love w/ the dune mini lin noe but i love wearimg black n deep colors, do u guys thnk there would be color transfer if i wear it w/ black? cux it'll be rite under my arm n it's gonns rub n stuff, i d k... wat u guys think or kno?
  2. I have not read of any dune color transfer issues. I would be careful with new denim against anything, though.
  3. tat's true but how would u know if the jeans won't transfer color even if it's old? i'm scared anything like tat kinda color would rub onto the noe
  4. I'd worry about it. Color transfer can happen with black top/jackets as well.
  5. has anyone encountered this situation yet?
  6. anyone can help? please...?
  7. I haven't heard of anything either!
  8. I have a Dune Mini Lin Speedy. I have not had any color transfer problems.
  9. beljwl do you wear it alot and when u do is always under your arm and kinda swinging back and forth on the waist? so if you wear black or dark colors won't the mini lin catch those colors because it keeps rubbing onto your shirt? can u tell me alittle bit more?
  10. o i though u meant a noe...
    i'm guessing nobody has a noe ..?
  11. As for color transfer, not really. I would assume that the mini lin fabric would wear out though if there was constant rubbing on your jeans or shirt. Thats just my opinion.
  12. ok well.. u think my jeans will transfer color onto the bag? has anyone encountered this yet?? much help please!!
  13. I have the mini lin speedy in dune. No problems with the fabric. Its very durable and scotchguarded. I was very nervous about the color at first, but now I dont worry about it. A few little black marks from the car door, but they washed right off with light rubbing from just a wet cloth. No dying transfers and I wear jeans all the time.
  14. It will get color transfer after long periods of wear be it dark fabrics or denim new or washed. The fabric does not wear out as fast as some would believe and is very durable.
  15. ^^ wat u mean?