Mini Lin Noe!! and other items seen today....

  1. I just saw a Mini Lin Noe today at the Beverly Center - L.A.! It's $990 USD. It was beautiful!!! (Sorry, no pics.) The SA said that it just came in the other day and he only saw it today for the first time. I asked about a Petit Noe version in Mini Lin, but he said that there was not one made. I'll have to think about the Mini Lin Noe!!!!! It's so nice!!!

    The Bevery Ctr store also had the Mono Pleaty (I think that is what it's called...) It's available March 1st per waiting list. The small version which can be placed over the shoulder - like a small evening bag, the middle/large version but the strap doesn't seem long enough to put over your shoulder but it's very pretty and has a beige interior (ultra suede) with a flap snap pocket (never seen this type of pocket before). The XXL version wasn't at the store.

    They also had the new color of Mini Lin at the store - kind of like a beige color but it looked like a cross between beige and grey to me.

    By the way....the Rodeo Dr. store had one GM Pomme Inclusion bracelet in the case on the 2nd floor and the SA told me it was the last one in the store.

    Oh, and by the way.... we (DH & I) saw Paris Hilton driving down Rodeo Dr. today in a convertible Bentley (pale blue - I think). Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, she was wearing white sunglasses, by herself, and was blaring music. We walked past her car as she was stopped at a light.

    We also saw the executive producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, (The Rock, CSI, etc.) at Hermes. I bought something at Hermes and will post in my collection area. (Sorry LV!!!)

    And we went to Sprinkles and bought 6 cupcakes - waited 35 minutes! The cinnamon sugar cupcake was really good! It was a beautiful day!!!
  2. Sounds like you had fun! I saw the mini lin noe the other night too. I wish they made it in the Petite Noe also....that would have been the perfect size for me! Congrats on the Hermes purchase as well.
  3. Thanks for the info! Glad you had a wonderful day!
  4. Thanks for the info! I should venture to the Beverly Center more often and I LOVE Sprinkles!
  5. Mini Lin is my favorite line along with Damier. I think I may have to get this one!!! :nuts:
  6. OMG...Mini Lin Noe??? I totally forgot about that one. I can't wait for other PFers to get this one, although I know the Noe is not a favorite for many. :crybaby: Unfortunately, even I find the regular Noe too big for me for everyday use (would rather use this as a bookbag/worktote!), but I'll just drool at anyone who will buy this and post pics!
  7. Mini Lin noe sounds lovely. I have to go check it out myself.
  8. Thank you for the info.
  9. thx for the update. i always want pix when i hear of just released and new items!
  10. Does anyone have a pic. of this noe? I've seen on elux. but would love to see it in visual aids....