Mini Lin New Color?

  1. is there any new color coming for mini lin? anyone knows ?? :smile:
    the baby pink is so sweet and nice. too bad.. doesn't come in speedy.
  2. I think it used to because i have some mini lin ballet flats in baby pink monogram. I believe the bag used to be called ''trapese" but i'm not sure. Some of the baby bags used to be in that fabric too but i thought it would be too weird to use that as a everyday handbag :p
    Hopefully they will bring it back as i'd love a matching bag.
  3. no news on new colors for mini lin for 2008??
  4. so far just the mini lin croisette colors, i think
  5. nope. I didn't see any in the look book.
  6. A Pink mini lin :drool: speedy. A girl can only dream.