Mini Lin Modeling Pics

  1. My first Speedy, adore the Mini Lin... these pics were quickly shot in the bathroom at work just now, before everyone but me got in...

    The 30 is a great work size, but also really glad am getting the 25 in azure, I think the smaller is also good, the 30 almost looks big on me, but I like the look of a big bag, I love that it's subtle, and I will definately use this bag year round and not just fall winter:yahoo:
    Post close up Modeling Mini Lin 005.jpg Post 2 Modeling Mini Lin 004.jpg Post Modeling Mini Lin 001.jpg
  2. You look so cute!!! Love the bag...I wish someone would have walked in the the bathroom when you took the pic (would have been a great background shot!!) lol...enjoy your new bag...Its NOT too big for you at all!!!!!!!!!
  3. looks great Vee! :love: thanks for finally debuting the mini lin......:lol:
  4. Oh, I wanted the real debut to be with piles of pomme, perle and framboise, and that will definately be to come, you know I need the right lighting, mind set, energy etc. New Mexico sunset perhaps...we'll see what happens, but this baby deserves something good... thanks !
  5. That would have been horrible, since I'm the "boss" I'm not supposed to be addicted to the purse forum... haha, but everyone knows I am, not good when you don't want supervisees web surfing... oh well... we're only human...:confused1: :p

    And, now I need to get on everyone's performance reviews...ugh... purses are so much more fun heehee
  6. :heart: it! I just got one a couple of days ago. :love:
  7. YAY!!! Another mini lin convert, love the subtle sheen, doesn't come through in pics...:heart:
  8. It looks great on you:yes:
  9. I love the Mini Lin, looks gorgy on you. hmmm... but you're not as big as lead me to believe when conversing with Bernz on the Petit Noe. I've also notice you were pretty petit with the Brentwood also. Still all looks fabulous on you!:flowers:

    P.S. I'm gonna pignap Louie. He's so adorable!
  10. Him says oinkety oink oink to you pinkie! thanks! I know you love the mini lin and that makes me feel good!... I love your azur noe!!!!! She's sooooo fabulous... I gotsta be on a purse buying ban for just a little while... have a small LV hangover....:p
  11. Congratulations on your new bag! You look very glamorous, Veronika! I :heart: Mini Lin!
  12. ooohhhh, sweetie! Thank YOU!:drinkup:
  13. Love:love: the mini lin on you ... it suits you very well! ITA that it's a great work size, I do find it a bit big for everyday use so I'm waitlisted for the azur 25 as well. I think it's good to have a variety of sizes ... some days I have lots of junk and others I just need the essentials.
  14. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!
  15. I love your top by the way, you have a cool funky style, you look great!