Mini Lin Maintenance

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  1. I'm dying to get a bag in Mini Lin fabric (prolly an Ebene Speedy)
    I just want to know if it's hard to maintain the fabric.
    Does dust settle on the surface?
    How do you guys clean it? Please share :heart:
    Thanks much from a Mini Lin Virgin :p
  2. Well the good thing is that the fabric is treated to be water repellent. Think dust settles on any bag baby wipes would be good. Overall it's virtually dirt proof and not as delicate as it seems.
  3. Wow it's water repellent? That's great.
    I'm hesitant to get it cause it seems really fragile.
    Thanks pinki682
  4. I have the mini lin Speedy in Ebene and I've done nothing to "maintain" it. No stains, no dirt, no dust, no pilling.
  5. good to know. i want the dune speedy and was worried.

  6. Me too! I must say, though, that I don't use it everyday
  7. The only thing I have some concerns about is animal hair. It's fabric so animal hair will stick to it. I think a lint roller will do the trick.
  8. Same here. Love Mini Lin!!
  9. I sprayed mine with shining monkey since its a fabric protector :smile:
    This way it will help avoid any stains. otherwise i havent had issues with dust... its like just give it a shake or dust it with a damp cloth :smile:
  10. Yup I have lint rollered mine. Works great.

    Otherwise there's nothing to maintain, it's easy to clean, and it dries fast after getting wet.

  11. Good to know. I just got my Speedy Mini Lin over the weekend. Thanks!
  12. This is a great idea for a thread, as these questions have put me off Mini Lin too despite loving it. Thanks to those who've replied.
  13. I have a mini lin speedy in ebene. No maintenance so far, I just use a lint roller when I want it to be extra clean. I would avoid wearing wool sweaters when I carry mine.
  14. I agree the Mini Lin is pretty maintenance free

  15. Hee, hee! Love that pic beljwl! :yes: