Mini Lin LVs...

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  1. So, don't kill me, there anyone else who REALLY does not see the appeal of the Mini Lin pattern? Something about it just seems kind of cheap to me (I'm sorry, don't hurt me!). Anyone else?
  2. No one is going to "kill" you here, sweetie, you are definitely intitled to your opinion, you're just being honest and that should be respected. Actually, I did see it in person recently and it was quite attractive, if it weren't for the material it was made with I'd have a Speedy 30 right now! The material was like silken fabric of fine quality BUT, it just didn't appeal to me as far as looks and as far as practicality, me being so glutzy, I could see it being stained and torn by the end of the year. I'm stickn' to good ol' canvas.:yes:
  3. I was not blown away by the speedy...although it is a cute handbag..I would not invest my money in it. I wasn't a fan of the fabric (it seemed quite floppy to me)...I would just stick to good ole canvas and leather just like pursemama said...
  4. Don't worry no one will hurt you:P . I actually like the prints and colour....just not sure about the fabric yet.
  5. I really don't like it that much either! You are entitled to your own opinion don't worry!
  6. Hey, I felt the same way when I first saw pictures... there are SO MANY BAD fakes with that kind of (back then inexistant) fabric that it really really turns me off.... :s Maybe I'll get used to it over time though!!! :yes:
  7. hehe, you're not alone! I was there the first day they put them on display and my SA was like..."here, TOUCH it, I'm sure you'll like it" ....cuz she was trying to convince me that it's better than mono Mini (which i like I STILL don't care about it..... I would probably reconsider if there were other colours, but so far....ebene is a no-no.... I think the only style/model I like is the bucket.....
  8. I'm actually a little upset at the quality of the fabric. For $675, I was expecting something a little bit more durable. Oh well. :shrugs:
  9. Eh, no worries about that, I'm one of those who aren't too bowled over by it. The color looked a bit solemn to me but it is pretty easy to care with dark fabrics but I agree with CEC and joanne214 that the fabric really is nothing to rave about... and Mini Monos were cuter with the color range.
  10. when i first saw pictures, i didn't like it. Then it grew on me and i liked the color, mini patterns (not so much in your face imo) but i don't think i can allow myself to spend that type of money on a fabric that look so delicate. It would look all snaggly at the end of the year so...not for me.
  11. I like how the fabric looks, and I think, like any bag, it needs some care but I'm sure not a whole lot, as it is resistant and such.

    I wouldn't even mind a little snaggliness? Hahha.. I guess I'm that kind of semi-"worn in" person. For example, I'm patiently awaiting for a new bag in Nomade so that I can buy and use it up and have the nice scratches and marks all over. Oh please forgive me ^_^
  12. I was extremely disappointed when I saw the bag in person. It looked nothing like the '05 mini lin line.
  13. I still don't know what to think of this line :shrugs: I guess my expectations were too high as I really liked the Mini Mono and was soooo looking forward to the new Mini... and then LV comes out w/ just one color and the Speedy is only available in 30? WTF??? :Push:
    The Mini Mono line had so many unique shapes and diff. colors... the Mini Lin looks a bit boring compared to this. :sad:
  14. Well- seems I'm the only one who likes it.. just bought a wallet yesterday
    I like the speedy but also asked myself why they only offer the 30
    I don't like the other bags offered in that style- not my kind of bag
    maybe that's also a reason why some of you don't like it?

    Actually I have to admit that I thought it looks a little like fake too- but found myself thinking that's maybe not to bad as every time I'll use it from now on I have to tell how much I paid for it..

    But in reality there won't be as much fakes for that design as for the classic ;)
  15. I am not sure if I like it. It will be awhile until I see it in real life, so I will reserve my judgement until then.