Mini Lin Line- more items?

  1. I just purchased the Mini Lin Speedy (Dune) and I REALLY want the zippy (I will settle for the Mini Lin Wallet if I have to). Somebody on TPF told me that they weren't making it in that color, but it is shown in the Spring 2007 LV Look Book.
    Does anyone know any info?
  2. Louis Vuitton in Boston, MA had dune mini lin wallets in today! They had about three different styles and tons of the bags.Good Luck!
  3. I love mini lin.
  4. going to check out the mini line this weekend, can't wait
  5. good question!! wanna know too! BTW, how do you like your Dune Speedy? I just got the Mini Lin Ebene Speedy today and I love it!
  6. Zippy wallet comes in both colors ebene and dune. I can't to decide which style of wallet will work for me in the dune.
  7. I love it more than any of my other bags. I always loved my cabas mezzo most until I bought the BH and now I love the Dune speedy more! I think it is a gorgeous color and can't wait to actually use it. The mini lin in general looks so classy to me. I kind of feel like I am not worthy (considering I am jeans and flip flop girl)! hehe
  8. Congrats on your dune speedy! I just recently bought one as well ... ITA that it is a very classy looking bag, very pretty! A matching wallet would be gorgeous but unfortunately for me, I'm more hard on my wallets than I am on my bags.
  9. I just received my mini lin dune pochette wallet and cles today..soooooooooooooooooooo cute and seem very durable:smile::smile:
  10. i hope they make it! i think i may need to sell my vernis for something bigger :sad: