mini it a limited edition??

  1. thanks:heart:
  2. What is a "mini lin"? Please clarify.
  3. Mini lin is regular stock.. not limited.
  4. Yes, regular stocking item
  5. its not limited.

    It actually replaced the mono mini range :amazed:

    I'm trying to get my hands on mono mini items before they become hard to get instore, as once they're gone, its bye bye forever (until they decide the re-release it)
  6. Perm for the moment.
  7. I wanna mini lin speedy like bagsnbags!!!!!!
  8. ^^ its a great bag!
  9. A new color is due to launch Feb 1st :smile: ,it will be called Dune.
  10. meow. sweet.:nuts:
  11. i'd be scared to carry that, but its nice.
  12. Oh I can't till someone models the new stuff!
  13. OMG - that looks sooo cute & adorable! I want one to go with my already huge Miroir Collection. I love bright, cheery colours :yes:
  14. i love the dune color...but would probably get it filthy!! :sad: