Mini-Lin is IN

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  1. i love it! when does it come to the US?
  2. Is this available in France ???? I'm on my way there in a few weeks. I would love to know.
  3. Speaking of in, I got my hands on the Stephen bag in the Mono Leopard!

    Its a beauty!

    Whoever is getting it will love it!
  4. Ooooh the mini-lin is really growing on me! I think I want a LEAST to earn the money for the LV!
  5. Is it just me or does it seem like there's little difference between this and the mini mono?
  6. OOooo...Laurence, does the snakeskin have the creepy feel to the handles? or is it generally matted down?

    and I totally like the Mini Lin more than Mini Mono...and the Saumur looks very versatile on anyone...hmmm...maybe...
  7. and I totally like the Mini Lin more than Mini Mono...and the Saumur looks very versatile on anyone...hmmm...maybe...[/quote]

    I agree I like the look of the Saumur too:heart:
  8. (refer to post below this one) ha.

  9. Oh the handles do have a creepy feel to it - but it just so beautiful! You all have to see it in person! (COME VISIT, lol)

    The Mini Lin should do well! I am sure the Speedy will sell the most! hehe... I question the other styles you know? We'll see I guess...
  10. dickies... when is the speedy mini lin coming out?
  11. yah i'm totally getting the mini lin speedy 30! i saw the mini lin ankle boot at the store today and fell in love!!
    teeehee even thought its a bit big! ah well!
    the SA told me its supposed to be out september 15 but COULD be delayed!
  12. I like that little tiny rectangular bag! What is the name of that? Does anybody know the price (or estimate, with that 10% rule)??
  13. I just got back from LV about an hr. ago...and I saw them on display. There was a tiny lil sign saying: Sept. 15. HTH ;)
  14. I so would visit...especially after the invite..:P
    but I'm miles North of you guys...:lol: