Mini Lin for me?

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  1. Hmm...I was wondering if I shld get a Mini Lin Danube any ideas anyone? I am a guy,bout 170+ cm. Wld it look a little feminine on me? TIA :smile:
  2. IMO the only Mini Lin bags suitable for men is the Saumur XL:drool:
  3. I think it'd be a little too feminine.. considering it's the Mini Lin... and considering that the Danube is a small bag...
  4. whoo HOooooo...I finally got my FIRST LV and its my birthday and christmas presant. I got the Danube in Mini Lin,seems a little feminine but WHO CARES ITS STILL LV!

    And I also got a wallet,I am choosing either to use a Mini Lin Snapfold Billford or the Mono Groom zipped compact wallet in red. The Mini lin is a ladies wallet but it matches my bag,while the other is unisex but doesn't suit my bag. HELP me Chooseeeee please!!
  5. The pics are coming a few days...coz there is something wrong with my phone and my digi cam is with my bro.
  6. I don't think mini lin is too feminine since it's a dark ebony color anyway.
  7. Please post pics! Congrats! : )
  8. Im a guy and I would wear this bag, I love it ! Congrats and happy holidays !
  9. i'm a guy and i seriously considered this bag as well. but, it's so close to the glace bobby bag i used to have and that was such a hassle to get in and out of so i passed. but i think it's very attractive and completely unisex.

  10. congrats! :biggrin:
  11. I like my messenger bags to be large, like the abbesses/bastile (tho I don't own either of those :rolleyes:) so personally I wouldn't wear it becasue I do not like the look of those "vertical messengers" if you will. I know you already got it, but maybe a next bag idea, I am in love with the loup! It's black, not screaming lv and seems like a good size, it's on my wishlist :love:
  12. I'd go for the Groom wallet... since you already have the Danube. The wallet and the bag doesn't have to match IMO.
  13. congrats! I'd go for the groom too
  14. congrats on your new bag! im actually considering the Mini Lin Danube for myself too :yes:
  15. mini lin saumur might be another choice for u...i think it looks kinda unisex :smile: