Mini Lin Fabric Question

  1. Am contemplating the mini lin Speedy but have a question re: the fabric. I happen to live with multiple pets (I raise and train dogs) and am concerned that a mini lin would end up looking like a hairball. Some fabrics just seem to act like a magnet for pet hair, and although my house and car are extremely clean, I still spend a fortune in pet hair rollers for my clothes LOL. My dogs will not have access to the bag (terror!) but I am curious for those of you who have something in mini lin and also have pets-- do you find any pet hair on your bag? I am thinking sticking to coated canvas or leather (I have a damier and an epi speedy) might be best, but boy I love the look of the mini lin.
  2. I don't have the Mono Lin, but have the Mono Mini had persian cats at one time. I don't actually get fur balls or long pieces of hair on the exterior of my bag. However, I can't say the same about them sitting inside my bags. Hair everywhever including mine! :shame: Guess that's what happens when they think they're going out with me.

    Other PFers have the Mono Lin and pets. I can't wait to see their responses. :smile:
  3. Don't worry - a border terrier who often visits me loves to cuddle up to my bags (just the soft and slouchy ones), and he is allowed to as he doesn't do any damage. He sheds a lot of hair and my clothes are usually covered in them, but my Mini lin speedy is fine! :s
  4. Anyone else here have experience with Persian cats and the Mini Lin?
  5. I have a wirehaired mini dachshund and one time in a restaurant he even slept on my Mini Lin Speedy.... Not one single hair on the bag. I definitely recommend Mini Lin to everyone. I loooove it!
  6. LOL I have a mini lin bag but I have two dark haired dogs so I don't notice if the bag attracks hair - which is a good thing for me.