Mini Lin Dune

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  1. Has anyone had this bag long enough to know if it gets dirty quickly? I'm wondering how hard it is to take care of this bag. Also, does the material stretch out of shape? I love the look of this bag but am concerned about the upkeep.
  2. I don't have this, but my SA thinks that it will get dirty very easily.
  3. Thanks. That's what I'm thinking too,
  4. I have the mini lin dune and honestly haven't used it yet (it's still snowing here). However, I was downtown and did see a young asian woman, wearing jeans and a short white jacket, carrying one and she looked great! It's nice to see how it looks IRL on other people.
  5. There was a thread about the Mini Lin Dune and how it was easy to clean, how it kept up with severe weather, etc.

    You could do a search on this thread to find out more deatils about it.

  6. This week i picked up the Speedy Mini Lin Dune. The shop assistant from LV say me that it's possible to give the bag in a dry cleaning store which is a specialist for handbags! (I have an address in Switzerland!)
    Sorry for my english - i'm from Switzerland and i don't speak very good English (i speak French, Italian and German).
  7. I ever try Mini Lin in Dune and I think it's cute. I think it will be dirty but not easily (depends on how you take care of it). I got some white and pale pink bag but they are all still as new condition.

    I also have a Mini Lin in Ebony and I think it is not out of shape yet ( I have put the hard-paper inside the bag to prevent saggy) and Mini Lin is my favorite speedy.
  8. No stretchage and doesn't seem like it will ever stretch.
  9. I don't see how it could NOT get dirty...its so light! :sweatdrop:
  10. Think it's like any light color bag use with care and not carelessness. It's treated to be dirt and moisture resistant. Maybe wiping it down with a slightly damp cloth will keep dirt from collecting.
  11. I have this bag. Have been using it for about a month. It is AWESOME! It has been rained on, lightly snowed on, I have gotten it marked up with dirt from my car, lipgloss from my 7 year old daughter, a few drops of pepsi even made their way onto it and it has held up like a champ. I used baby wipes to clean it each time and the dirt came right off. I posted about this a few weeks ago. I have gotten sooo many compiments on this bag. Every girl at work wants it. It is my favorite Louis out of all the bags I own.
  12. urgh. you make me want the bag so bad! but i'm not sure if i can go ahead with spending a bomb on a light coloured bag and have an heart attack everytime it gets dirty/is in danger of getting dirty!
  13. My boyfriend has the mini-lin sneakers in this color, and they've held up so far. He only wears them with jeans and there hasn't been any color transfer. He did get a small stain on it, but it came right out with a wet paper towel. Since it's such a light color, I think it will get a little dirty eventually. But like sam0616 said, she was able to clean hers with baby wipes.
  14. I have the mini lin in dune but I haven't used it yet. But I love the idea of cleaning it with baby wipes!
  15. I just received my epi ivorie speedy 25 and am seriously considering changing it for the mini lin dune 30. I LOVE the speedy sag and the epi doesn't give me that! Plus, the epi 25, while larger than the mono/damier 25, just isn't large enough for my needs. Any other members with more 'wear' time on your dune bags? How are they holding up dirt-wise? TIA!