Mini Lin (Dune or Ebene)

  1. Hello everyone!!!!!!!

    new to this forum.:p ....... got my mini lin dune last week but thinking of exchanging it to ebene instead.....

    dune seems more ´high maintenance´ than ebene... :confused1:

    so, please help me decide..........:girlsigh:

    ps: i love the dune colour but feel that maybe its not a pratical bag for everyday use...........
  2. I would get the Ebene. I don't own it but my sister does. She loves it. I see her with it and I want it!!! She says its very low maintenance.
  3. i also have the ebene. I got it before the dune came out. Its pretty but still i wouldn't exchange it for the same reasons. Plus the ebene color fits whatever season unlike the dune is more of a spring summer bag IMO.
  4. and oh welcome to TPF. =)
  5. thanx guys........

    would probably change to ebene.......:woohoo:
    just feel that it will more all season........!!!
  6. I :heart: dune but I think it easily to get dirt. If you plan to carry as daily, then go for ebene, btw I still love dune :flowers:
  7. Go for the dark one. Less worry. There is nothing wore than paying a small fortune for a bag and then accidentally getting a drip of wine on the front! If this happened with the dark one you wouldn't even notice it.
  8. Ebene! SO pretty and goes w/ everything!
  9. i like the Dune one.. its pretty and shouldnt be too difficult to maintain.
  10. I'd exchange for the ebene also. My SA and I think that it'd get dirty easily and it would be a tad difficult to clean because it's linen and you can't just soak it in water and scrub the dirt out!
  11. get the ebene! but only if you won't regret exchanging the dune... bottom line: get the one you really :heart:. :smile:
  12. get the ebene i love it and its sooo low maintenance
  13. I have a Ebene and love it!

    Dune is too pale to me.
  14. i'm eyeing the Dune. I like it much more than the Ebene
  15. The Dune one is so pretty! I didn't get one because of the dirt factor too, however. I think you should keep it and just be careful!