Mini Lin Dune Color

  1. OK. Just saw someones GORGEOUS dune color speedy. Can anyone tell me how you would clean it and take care of it? Also, does anyone know price on it?

  2. mini lin speedy is $675
  3. it is dirt and water resistant, but basically, it should be taken care of if you want it to look good.
  4. Not sure on the cleaning, but the bucket my store had already had a bit of dirt on it.
  5. I wonder if the mini lin bags could be taken to the dry cleaners??
  6. Does anyone here have a bag in this color and is there a picture of it somewhere??? I am dying to see it! :drool:
  7. I wouldn't suggest that, the chemicals used for dry cleaning would be too harsh for the leather and material on these bags.
  8. Thank you LVBabydoll! I just found a pic in the "purchases for Feb" thread, but your pic and link is even better! :smile:
  9. You're welcome!
  10. I have one ... I know it seems so delicate being both fabric and light colored but it really is too gorgeous to resist. Obviously it definitely won't be one of my everyday throw-around bags ... we'll see how it works out, I think it'll be okay! I did ask the SA if I could spray w/ a protector and he mentioned that it is already pretreated. I'm still very tempted to spray it with Shining Monkey.
  11. It's $675 + tax!!! It's a cute color
  12. will it get dirty easily? :shrugs:
  13. I saw it in the LV store, I was wanting to get it but found it too pale for me. I like the ebene color better. With 3 kids and a toddler I would stay away from that white bag. Saw the epi ivory though and it is beautiful
  14. I believe the Dune color will get dirtier the most. The care booklet, if one is included with the bag, should tell you how to care for it and how to clean it. ;)