mini lin dune all season bag?


mini lin dune for spring/summer only?

  1. mini lin dune can be worn a cold winter's day

  2. save the mini lin dune for the warm weather only

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  1. I'm contemplating a mini lin dune bag. I'm wondering if you find it to be seasonal for warm weather only or is it a bag that can be worn all year long as a winter white? Was it sold as a summer/spring bag? The fact that it's both lighter in color and has linen in it makes me feel inclined to find it seasonal for warm weather only.
  2. I thinks you can wear it in the winter, it just depends on the clothes you're wearing.
  3. Mini Lin Dune is durable and resistant even in the coldest wet climates!
  4. I just got a Dune Mini Lin on Sunday. I plan on using it year round. But then again I use all my bags year round.

  5. i think it's like the azur..b/c of the light print many think it's only for spring and summer, but I found it goes really well with my winter wardrobe and is a nice contrast to my dark clothes. I'm thinking of getting the mini lin dune too, but not till next Spring.
  6. Seasons don't determine which bags I use at what time, but weather does!
  7. ^^^^ I Totally Agree!

    In my honest opinion, I don't like the so called rule of "Certain Bags Can Only Be Worn At This Time Of Season".

    I feel like ANY Louis Vuitton bag can be worn year round.

    I work very hard to pay for my bags so I'm not gonna wait for a certain season to come around just to wear it.

    Therefore to answer your question, YES I think you can carry the Mini Lin Dune on a cold winter's day. :tup:
  8. I would use it year round.
  9. a bag for all seasons
  10. :yes:
  11. This bag can definitely be worn year-round!

    The white on the bag reminds me of snow. :amuse:
  12. it can be worn year round, IMO, but i because i normally wear black in the winter - thus i love the contrast!
  13. i domt use bags according to seasons. anything goes with me! :smile:
  14. I got my Mini Lin Dune speedy back in March when the weather was still cold occasionally in Germany. I have used it then along with my long black coat and ankle boots. To me it's an all-weather bag because it doesn't have any vachetta. I usually only use it for rainy days now, regardless what season it may be. I love the cream-beige colour as it goes with lots of clothes in a neutral kind of way, plus the logos are really cute!
  15. I prefer my winter bags with darker/richer colors.