Mini Lin Dune & Accessories ELUXURY

  1. Mini Lin Dune and Accessories on Eluxury now!
  2. yup and alpine1972 already got the speedy!!! Yeah!!!
  3. Hooray for alpine1972!
  4. dang you guys are quick!!

    does anyone have pics of the color??
  5. ps...the shoes collection in dune is soo cute!
  6. Awww, you guys are making me blush:p :p . I got the Speedy and matching shoes!!! :yahoo: I'm so happy! My wallet is not :sweatdrop: :p
  7. Congrats, sweetie you deserve them! Can't wait to seem them IRL!
  8. i've been dying to see this color irl! hmm... tempted to order a cles now.
  9. i wonder if the speedy has the same vachetta like with the monos? anyone knows?
  10. Thanks!
  11. I just ordered one too. I am so excited! Someone posted a picture in another thread. It is gorgeous!
  12. Can someone post a pic?
  13. Matching hot bag and shoes? You are on FIRE girl!:yahoo: