Mini Lin- different colors?

  1. I checked out the new Mini Lin line at the 5th Ave. store and I like the Speedy but I don't like the brown color. Does anyone know if there will be different colors for the Mini Lin coming out? I would have asked the sales associate but it was very busy today and I didn't feel like waiting for my turn.
  2. i think it only comes in the Ebony color. if it came in any other color it would have showed on
  3. Only that color..I wished it came in many color like cherry and navy
  4. ^^^I would love to have both cherry and navy colors!!! That would look gorgeous on the Mini Lin.
  5. A new color will be introduced late 2007 acording to the book at LV.
  6. :nuts: ^^^^I can't wait to find out what the new color is!!! But late 2007??!!!:wtf:
  7. Pink!! I vote for pink! A soft rose-pink, not Barbie-pink.
  8. MMmmmm pink! I agree.:P
    I think they will bring out other colours if the line sells well which is why I am holding off buying anything in the current colour, I like it but there could be a colour I'll like better coming- if that makes any sense at all.
  9. It'd be really lovely if they had a pink like the trapeze pink !
  10. I say. pastel, yellow, green!!!!
  11. The pastel colors would be a hard sell for me. I own the current mini lin and I love it but in the pastel colors it would get so dirty and linen is hard to clean!
  12. Tan would be pretty- or RED!
  13. Oh my! That is EXACTLY what I thought when I saw this thread!
    I'd LOVEEEE a pink mini lin...I'd buy it without putting much thought into it...even if it was the 30 size! (The only thing preventing me from deciding to buy the new mini lin speedy is because it's a 30 and not 25...25 is already big for me, 30 would be uselessly huge).

    Soft rose...with an even softer pink monogram? Soft rose with off-white monogram?
    Or...ivory with gold-ish/silver-ish monogram... THAT would be nice too..

    I wonder what the new color is! I agree that late 2007 is TOO LONG of a wait! That's in more than a year!!
  14. I'd love the see a "white snow" Mini Lin!!!
    perfect for Christmas:graucho:
  15. Wow...I visualize...and winter white background...with silver monogram.
    Not super shiny silver, just a semi-glittery silver.
    Oh my :love: