Mini Lin Diaper Bag

  1. Hi, my husband just bought me a mini lin diaper bag. My first reaction was like " why did you buy it? I'm not going to use it that often".

    The bag to me its very pricy one thing. Secondly, I won't be using it for long as in 10-20 years.... but apart from being a diaper bag, i personally think that the bag can be used for other function such as a travel bag...Attached herewith the picture of the bag.

    I'm thinking to return it. I seriously need your advice. Thank you.
    Diaper bag.JPG
  2. :nuts: how lucky you're, have nice and sweet husby like him. You new mini lin is more beautiful than mini mono diaper bag :flowers:
    I agree, after you don't need it anymore, you'll be able to use it as travel bag or resell it. I predict will much ppl interest since I never seen it on eBay before.
    Oh, congrats
  3. I love this bag... but would prefer it in pink or blue....

    I'd keep it, you can always use it for travel or fitness
  4. Please keep it. It's gorgeous! And what a great hubby. After the diaper phase has ended you could use it for other things. I already told my DH as soon as we get pregnant, I'm getting that exact bag. I saw it IRL and I love it way better than the pink & blue.
  5. I would return it and use the credit to buy a bag I really loved and would use often (but that's just me).
  6. Thanks for all the advices.

    I just called the boutique yesterday but unfortunately the bag is not exchangable simply because my hubby did a hot stamping of my name on the 'Address holder'....arrgghhhhrrrrhh.....:crybaby: I tried to ask the sales assistant whether the 'Address holder' is sold separately so that I can buy and replace with the one has been hot stamped.

    Does anyone of you have any idea how to get rid of this? or I should just keep it since I can't do anything to return/ exchange.. :confused1:

    Another pics from different angle for your viewing.
    Mini Lin.JPG mini lin2.JPG
  7. my dh hot stamp address holder with my initials and it was sold separately from my saleya. Not sure about your bag though.
  8. The bag looks beautiful. I say keep it, use it, enjoy it, love it and you can def use it for other purposes
  9. I don't think the eBay market is ready for the dark color since you would probably lose a lot off the retail price, plus eBay is a pain in the butt to work with. If you don't want to use it, just save it for a year or so and then try selling it. It really is a cute, functional bag. If it wasn't so heavy I would have bought one myself.
  10. congrats!!!! I really like the style of this bag! I've played with it before and it's just sooooo fun with all the compartments inside! I think it's a great bag, but the only thing that bothers me is the mini lin fabric which I don't think is very durable. Other than this and if you don't mind the fabric, then this bag is a keeper! :biggrin:
  11. Congrats, nice bag. i would keep it if i were you
  12. i love, love that bag!!!! im a new mom myself, and have been debating whether im getting the mini lin diaper bag or the gucci but my heart wants the LV!!!! let us know how it handles maybe i'll get one. congrats!!!!
  13. keep it! its gorgeous!!! or.... you can sell it to me :drool: :yes:
  14. I'm not even pregnant yet and I like this bag. Hubby and I are planning on conceiving within a year and really wanted to order it ahead of time. I have the Samur in mini lin and I love it. I don't really like the blue or pink versions of the diaper bag though which have a wait list for them.

    Still deciding if I want to get it though or explore other options.
  15. That was very thoughtful of your dh. Keep it!